Children and Homoeopathy

Children often respond very quickly to the right homoeopathic medicine and many sleepless nights and absences from school can be avoided through homoeopathic treatment.

I really enjoy treating children. My consulting room is a fairly large airy room with toys and books for children to play with. I find it useful if children enjoy their consultation without brothers and sisters in tow as the presence of their siblings can often inhibit their response to my queries. But although this is desirable I completely understand that often it isn't possible and siblings will be made very welcome! I like all my patients to feel special and if the consultation is just about them it can help them feel their illness is being given due consideration, that they are important and that their health matters.

When appropriate I write to my younger patients before they come to seem me to let them know that I am expecting them and to tell them a little about what to expect when they attend for their appointment.

I am happy for my younger patients to bring along their favourite toy or books and a snack and a drink especially if their appointment is in the late afternoon or after school when I know that low blood sugar levels can be a problem!

If you are making an appointment for your child and you feel that they may worry or be upset by whatever it is you want them to have help for. Please let me know and for no extra charge we can make an arrangement to have a chat over the telephone at a mutually agreeable time so that you can air all your concerns frankly before you bring them to see me.

If you are making an appointment for an infant please let me know the best time of day for me to meet your baby and I will do my best to accommodate both of you. It can be very frustrating if you are unable to tell me all about your baby's problems because they are hungry or tired and won't let you get a word in edgeways! I am also quite used to the unavoidable nappy changes that occur from time to time.


The benefits of the use of homoeopathic medicine during pregnancy are numerous. The medicines are so dilute they have no effect on anyone who isn't suffering from the group of symptoms for which each is prescribed so there is no likelihood of any damage to the foetus. Homoeopathic medicines work with the organism in a gentle fashion helping it naturally as opposed to forcing it. Therefore many of the problems often encountered during pregnancy can be resolved without the worries that usually attend taking pharmaceutical medicines at such times.