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Angie Corbett SRN RSHom
35 St. Mary’s Road
Leamington Spa
CV31 1JP
Telephone: 01926 428599

Whether you live in North Devon or Warwickshire please use the above telephone number when you wish to speak to me. Please endeavour to telephone to book an appointment between 8.30 and 10am on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning. Please do not email or text to do this. Experience shows that this can result in a lengthy exchange of texts/emails whilst we find a mutually agreeable time for an appointment, or for you to provide me with answers to the questions that inevitably arise from discussions about your health. I would much prefer it if you telephone.

OR you can leave a message here and I'll reply ASAP.

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For consultations in Leamington Spa

Here is a map

If you are coming by car you should find it relatively easy to park in St. Mary’s Road or on St. Mary’s Crescent to the right of the church.

If you are travelling by train then Leamington Spa railway station is only a 20 minute easy walk .

If you are travelling by bus there are bus stops on the Radford road.

For Consultations in North Devon

Please telephone me to arrange a mutually convenient time when I can visit you in your home. See under “What you can expect from me” for my availability.