What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and a most complete medical science”.
Mahatma Gandhi

Homeopathy is whole system of medicine. It can be used to treat anything that orthodox medicine is used for and some things that orthodox medicine has difficulties with. It is the most prevalent form of medicine in use in the world today, used extensively in South America, India, Asia and many African Countries in addition to having a long tradition in Britain and Europe. The Queen, and many generations of her family, consult a homoeopathic physician

It is a philosophy of medicine that recognises that our bodies are essentially capable of healing themselves. Our bodies are intelligent and the symptoms that we produce when we are ill are our body’s way of healing itself. Homeopathic philosophy further recognises that each of is unique, so each of us will produce a unique combination of symptoms when we are ill.

So Homeopathic treatment involves consideration of our individual experience of our illness, taking into account both our physical and emotional state, in an effort to discover what makes our illness unique to us. For example, one may ‘catch’ a cold and suffer a sore throat that hurts only on one’s right side. One may have a blocked up nose that runs mostly in the evening, feel very irritable and chilly and feel much better for being snuggled up by the fire or in bed. And yet a friend or colleague who has the ‘same’ cold might have a sore throat that only hurts when they swallow, a nose that only runs in the morning and they may feel better if they get out in the open air. If we were tested it is highly likely that both of us would have the same ‘bug’ and yet our bodies are responding to it in different ways.

However insignificant such differences might seem, they are precisely what a Homeopath will want to know about in order to prescribe medicines that will help us get well again. The aim of the Homeopath is to find a medicine that will help our body do what it is naturally trying to do.

This way of treating illness is not a new idea - it was first used by Hippocrates, who is often regarded as the ‘father of medicine’ and in whose name doctors today take the ‘Hippocratic oath’. Homeopathy has been used successfully for over 200 years in the fight against illness. Indeed there are 5 Homeopathic hospitals that have been within the National Health Service since its inception.

One can imagine Homeopathic treatment like this: You are in a car that is travelling along the ‘highway of life’. The hills on this highway could be regarded as those events that cause us unhappiness, stress, anxiety or simply make us tired. Sometimes there is enough power in the car’s engine to take us up to the top of such hills allowing us to cruise down the other side without too much effort. Sometimes though, the car struggles to get up the hill or gets stuck altogether, unable to climb the hill without some help. When this happens, if we take a carefully selected Homeopathic medicine, that matches the part of the hill on which we are stuck and the way we are experiencing being stuck, then we should find that our car manages to reach the top of the hill and continue on its journey, with the power in its engine restored and revitalised.

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