What you can expect from me:

Your consultation.

When you first come to see me or I first visit you, I will ask you questions about your illness and how it makes you feel, your general health including questions about your diet and your sleep patterns etc. I will ask about any health problems you may have had in the past and your family medical history. These questions will be aimed at finding out what makes your illness unique to you. I will make notes of what you tell me in case I need to refer to them at a later date. In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Society of homeopaths with whom I am registered, your notes will be stored securely and the information that you have given will remain confidential, unless I feel that you are a danger to yourself or others.

I will either prescribe some medicine at the end of your consultation or I will send you your medicine after further study of the information you have given me. Your medicine will be sent by first class post or you can collect it if you would prefer. You will not be asked to stop taking any of the prescribed medication you are currently taking. However, if you wish to stop taking these medicines and it is safe to do so, I will endeavour to help you after you have discussed this with your doctor.

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Consultation Times.

In Leamington Spa I am available for consultations on with Thursdays and Fridays between 10am and 5pm and Saturday mornings between 10am and 1pm. In Devon I am available for home visits once a month between 2pm and 6pm on the applicable Tuesday afternoon and between 10am and 1pm on the subsequent Wednesday morning.

You should allow two hours for your first consultation and for subsequent consultations one hour.

Holiday arrangements.

Before I go on holiday I will arrange for another homeopath to cover for me. If I see you in the days leading up to my being away I will give you information on who this will be and how to get in touch with them, if I don't see you, this information will be left on my telephone answer machine

The Homeopathic Helpline.

If you don't want to contact my locum but wish to talk in confidence to a Homeopath or if for some reason you are unable to get hold of me, and your need is urgent, you could call the Homeopathic Help line. This service costs 1.55 per minute plus your 'phone providers access charge (charged directly onto your telephone bill) and is available every day of the year between 9am. and 12 midnight. It is run by David Needleman and Francis Treuherz, both very highly respected Homeopaths. The telephone number is 09065 343404.


For adults my fee is 65 for the first appointment and 50 for each follow up appointment. For children my fee is 50 for each consultation. The above prices include the cost of any medicines prescribed as a result of the consultation, except: tinctures, tissue salts, lotions and flower essences, these are charged for separately. Concessions are available for students, pensioners & those on low incomes. Please ask for further information